The husband did not stop until he reached the ocean. Did not turn to wave at the woman he would widow.

On the farm outside Jamnagar they’d grown millet, but the drought hit, and then the famine.

The ocean was vast and burned his eyes, but the brightness boded well, he thought. In the dhow, with many other famished men, he did not eat for the first three days, trying to stretch his rotli and pickles all the way to Africa. It was terrible, being surrounded by water but parched inside.

At Mombasa, the colonial officer loaded them onto rail cars. All the way to Tsavo they sat in each other’s laps, breathing body stink and rotten breath and held-in urine.

He was not the first to cross. Maybe he knew he wouldn’t live to see the crush of others.

Excerpt from: ‘The Widow’.

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